Tatyana Jitkova

We are dancing on edges

Of volcanic eruptions.
From an underground hades
Spew forth magma disruptions.
Burning pains are going viral,
Burning groans spread like thunder.
Mother Earth's in a spiral -
She's been ripped all asunder.
We're to blame that she's perished
Under constant bombardings.
Mother Earth we've not cherished,
Only wounded and hardened.
Our dark thoughts have fomented
Deadly plagues of pollution,
She's with poison tormented
And a toxic solution.
And we've not bothered heeding,
And we've not dared affirm yet
That our Earth's a live being,
And beneath its hard surface
Is an earthly heart beating,
With tears, river-like, stirring,
And then settling in crystals
In multicoloured circles.
With a nuclear wind chasing,
And the circle extending -
Waves of Nature's invasions,
Haunted spirits's own vengeance.
With tsunamis turned hedges,
And eruptions fresh tallied,
We still dance on the edges
And still sing in the valleys.
Translation from Russian to English by John Woodsworth